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Save Your Time

We do not require reservations for our sunbeds.

We offer 4 devices … 2 tanning beds and 2 tanning tubes.

Just come and use!

Problem with paid or illegal parking - not with us !!!

There is a car park for 16 cars in front of our building.

Free access from the bypass and a one-way street guarantees safe entry and exit from the car park

Why Choose Us

We have been operating continuously since 2013. We care about the highest quality of lamps and cleanliness of our equipment

Lamps in beds are changed regularly, while maintaining legally permitted UV standards

We accept cash and card payments. In addition, we offer minute sessions for the convenience of our clients.


The Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014 provides for the following:


  • No persons under the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to use a sunbed on a sunbed premises.
  • No persons under the age of 18 years will be permitted entry into a restricted area in a sunbed premises.



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29 JUNE 2020

Be responsible, be safe

To protect yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19), think about how the virus is spread.

Coronavirus is spread in sneeze or cough droplets. To infect you, it has to get from an infected person’s nose or mouth into your eyes, nose or mouth. This can be direct or indirect (on hands, objects, surfaces).

Keep this in mind. It will help you remember all the things you need to do to protect yourself and others from the virus.

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We have free parking in front of the building for our clients.

To make it easier and more pleasant we have free praking for our clients. Parking is in front of the building. Parking time is limited to 60 minutes due to the limited number of parking spaces.

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